Norwegian man says Thai wife and policeman lover framed him

Vidar Petersen says Thai wife and policeman lover framed him and got him deported

A 68 year old Norwegian man has gone to Thai media to appeal for justice after he was deported.

He claims that his Thai wife – in collusion with a policeman who is her new love interest – framed him by planting a gun at his house.

He also believes that he is the victim of trumped up charges initiated by the police that called him a threat to society.

Vidar Petersen spoke to Tnews and other media from an unspecified location. He was deported from Thailand in May.

Tnews said that he had lost everything – 34 rai of land, a Mercedes Benz and another car, motorbikes, cash. But worst of all he has not seen his son for two years and now he is desperate for help.

Trouble started in May 2013 when police arrived during a party at his house in Tha Bor district of Nong Khai.

They found a .38 gun under the seat of a car. He had no licence for the gun.

He denied it was his and believes it was planted.

He paid 80,000 to a policeman to get him off the rap even though he said he was innocent. But the matter still came to court.

Image: TNews

Then he was picked up off the street while walking his dog – this time was the charge of causing annoyance to neighbors by threatening them with a knife.

He believed these were trumped up charges at the behest of his wife. On the video he called her a greedy, stupid woman. She has disappeared with the deeds, the vehicles, his son – everything has gone, he said.

He spent hundreds of thousands on a female lawyer who proved useless.

All his own efforts to locate his wife and child failed – then he was deported.

He said he has been the victim of “high ranking police” and that his life was like “a funeral without a body”.

He was deported on May 16th and now has no prospect of getting back to Thailand to sort out his life and has appealed to the media for help. – Source TNews

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