Police join soldiers in Pattaya karaoke sting operation – female extortionist nabbed

Picture Pattaya News

A woman was arrested yesterday after she tried to extort 25,000 baht from a Pattaya karaoke lounge.

Named as “Angelina Rice”, 43, she had earlier gone to the owner of the Te Hak Karaoke and Pub in Pattaya demanding 25,500 baht in protection money that she said would be paid to the military.

The karaoke owner Anan sae-Fang, 27, knew the woman from before and suspected that it was a con. She recorded the meeting on audio.

And she went to Pattaya police instead who set up a sting with the military.

The notes to be handed over were photographed before for evidence purposes and a meeting was arranged near the karaoke lounge.

The fraudster turned up with her 21 year old boyfriend and a ladyboy and were soon in custody after the money was handed over.

“Angelina” denied it all saying that the money was owed to her by the owner of the lounge.

Police dismissed that as nonsense and she was taken in to Pattaya police station. Her companions had their photos taken and details recorded and were released.

Police said that if other establishments had fallen victim to the con they should come forward. Source: Pattaya News

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