Bangkok students caught selling sex on LINE app

Daily News

Bangkok police conducted a sting operation and arrested four ‘ladies of the day’ yesterday for selling sex through the Line messaging service.

They were part of a service of some 50 girls, many of them students, selling sex through the internet, reports Daily News.

Police who had become aware of the members only service contacted four women and arranged to meet them at a Chaeng Wattana hotel promising 8,000 baht a head. The girls showed up and were promptly arrested.

Named only as Miss Nat, Miss Amy, Miss Cherry and Miss Nor the girls are aged between 25 and 26. They were on the books of a group called ‘Be Model’ that introduced sexy students to customers for a 2,000 baht membership fee.

One of the girls said that she was a student at a famous university “in the suburbs” without being more specific. “I was invited to join by the owner of the group ” she said. “There are about fifty girls working and most of them are students who need money like me.”

A poster on the Thai news site announcing the arrests said sarcastically: “You weren’t shy when you were showing your body on Line, why are you bowing your heads now?”

The girls were taken to the station to be processed on charges of selling sex. Source: Daily News

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