Ladies who want bigger breasts warned off eating Thai plant

Many young women are sustaining damage, NCAC officials said in July (Library Image)

Many women hoping to gain bigger breasts have been suffering menstrual irregularities and other disorders after consuming supplements containing Pueraria mirifica plant extract, the quasi-governmental National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan has announced.

Pueraria mirifica, banned from food products in the European Union and South Korea, is a plant species of the pea family that is native to Thailand, and its roots contain ingredients that have the same effects of a female hormone.

It’s being touted at being effective for boosting breast size, and beauty supplements containing plant powder and other ingredients are being marketed in recent years, most typically by mail order.

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“Many young women are sustaining damage,” NCAC officials said July 13. “Please think twice before taking similar supplements.”

Consumer consultation centers and other establishments across Japan have received 209 complaints since fiscal 2012 about health damage from Pueraria mirifica supplements.

Some have complained about digestive and skin disorders, including stomachaches and rashes, whereas many others have also complained about symptoms that are unique to women, such as menstrual irregularity and abnormal bleeding.

By age bracket, 20-somethings account for the largest slice of complaints, or about 30 percent.

Very few scientific reports are available on the safety and efficacy of consuming Pueraria mirifica to gain bigger breasts and other purposes, the NCAC officials said.

The NCAC purchased 12 branded products that contain Pueraria mirifica and studied them in test tubes, whereby 10 of them were found to have the same effects as a female hormone.

The use of Pueraria mirifica in food products is not regulated in Japan, but using the plant in foods or selling it as food is banned in South Korea and the European Union. –

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