Watch: Aussie schoolies in mass brawl in Bali

Australian school leavers in mass Bali street brawl

Australian school leavers were filmed in a mass brawl in Bali. The shirtless tourists began fighting with a group of ‘eight or ten’ Indonesian locals on Monday night.

Mobile phone footage shows the men scrapping on a packed Legian Street in the Kuta district of the island. They then ‘ran away’ after authorities arrived to calm the situation.

Holidaymaker Luke Garrond-Raynor said: ‘Yeah, it was pretty intense. I was a bit worried for the safety of the people in the fight.’’

Another Australian tourist who witnessed it, Kimberley Williams, added: ‘It was pretty scary.’

The footage recorded by a local tattoo artist went viral after it was posted online.

They said: ‘It was a big punch up but I don’t know how it started. I don’t know what there fighting about. It was Australians and local Indonesian teenagers.’

Mount Agung began erupting for the second time last Saturday leaving tens of thousands of tourists stranded after the closure of the island’s only airport.

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