Video: Public outrage as doctor runs down security guard

Public outrage as shocking footage shows security man dragged under the wheels of doctor's car

Friends of a security man now at death’s door have posed a question to a doctor who ran him over and dragged him 20 meters along the tarmac.

“Doctor, do you consider a security man to be a human being?”

CCTV footage showed the car – driven by a doctor attached to the department of public health – running over the security man who had been closing a gate against traffic.

The guard was shown under the wheels of the car. The driver makes no effort to get out.

He just keeps going over the man dragging him along the road.

The guard is in a coma after two operations on his brain to try and save his life. He was named as Somchai “Nat” Yamdee who also works at the department of public health. He is usually stationed at gate 4 but was on his way to gate 2.

Reporters at the scene noticed damage to a pillar and the gate itself. The front of the car was seen severely dented.

Friends of the victim issued a statement saying that Nat had been in his job for four years and always helped others.

They said that the driver of the car is a famous doctor:

“Does the doctor think that a security man is a piece of trash?”, they asked Daily News. “Does he think that he is actually a human being? How can he help the sick if he does this?”

“What is his heart made of?,” they continued amid fears that the status of the doctor would make it possible for him to avoid the rap.

Colleagues of the victim heard his cries and are believed to have witnessed the car dragging their friend along the road.

The incident happened on Friday.

The department of public health identified the driver as Dr Yorn Chiranakhon, who reportedly refused a breathalyser test at the scene, despite admitting his involvement in the accident.

Police said they will charge Dr Yorn with drunk driving, reckless driving and causing injury.

Posters on the Facebook page of The Clip from Hong Phak Raiwan Soi Udom Suk 51 were appalled at the incident.

Many called for the doctor to be immediately barred from practice.


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