Two arrested in cash theft from Russian’s room in Pattaya

Two arrested in cash theft from Russian's room in Pattaya - one more woman sought

Police in Pattaya have announced the arrest of two women who stole cash from the room of a Russian man staying at Wongamat Privacy Residence.

Quick police work led investigators to rooms at a refuse collection center in the city where they found the two women with cash totaling nearly 27,000 baht.

Suthirak “Rak” Toloi, 41, and Sudarat “Orm” Phatjantheuk, 25 admitted taking money from the room of Alexander Mamichev while he was out swimming on Sunday.

From room 2112 they took 200 US dollars, 15,000 roubles and 12,000 baht sometime between 11.30am and 3.30pm.

The assistant commissioner of Chonburi provincial police Nanthachart Suphamongkhon joined with local chief Apichai Krobpetch in announcing the arrests.

Both women were charged with burglary and receiving stolen goods. Suthirak also has an outstanding case of theft against her dating back to January of this year.

Police are also seeking an accomplice named as 31 year old Nathamon “Petch” Yingkhamhaeng from Nong Bualamphu.

A warrant is out for her arrest. Source: TNews

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