Brit robbed at gunpoint is a liar say Thai police

Mik Laverty, 50, from Newton Aycliffe, claimed gun-wielding robbers in Thailand broke his leg before stealing his watch last week

Briton who claimed muggers broke his leg in Thailand is exposed as a FRAUD by police who say he was filmed on CCTV injuring himself by jumping from a hotel balcony.

A British husband who claimed he was robbed at gunpoint and had his leg broken while on holiday in Thailand has been exposed as a fraud.

Mik Laverty, who is from Newton Aycliffe but was in Phuket to celebrate his 50th birthday, claimed to have been attacked on the first day of his vacation while his wife went to the bathroom.

But Thai police say Laverty, an Army veteran, invented the whole story and actually injured himself while jumping from a hotel balcony.

They say this CCTV footage shows him clearly throwing himself 20ft off the balcony of a hotel where he wasn’t even staying into the street below

Laverty claimed he was injured during a vicious mugging in a marketplace on Thursday last week.

But officers revealed CCTV taken in the early hours of Friday morning which shows him walking on two healthy legs down the corridor of a hotel in Patong, which is not the hotel where he was staying.

Laverty can be seen trying a couple of doors before disappearing into a room, where police say he threw himself over a balcony railing and 20ft into the street below.

‘Staff heard him screaming and ran to help. They called a rescue team which soon arrived and took him to Patong Hospital,’ Capt Ekkachai Siri of the Phuket Tourist Police explained to The Phuket News

When police went to present Laverty with evidence of his deception on Tuesday they found he had already fled the country on a flight to Dubai, it is claimed.

Report – British tourist injured during gunpoint robbery in Thailand

Laverty and wife Denise had been using the ‘robbery’ to raise funds for medical expenses, amassing almost £1,000 in the first 24 hours.

According to the couple’s account of events, Mrs Laverty had gone into a bar to use the toilet while her husband waited for her outside.

When she returned she couldn’t see him among crowds of people in the street. She frantically searched the area before returning to their hotel.

Staff checked CCTV footage but there was still no sign of Mr Laverty until the hotel was apparently contacted by a nearby hospital to say one of their guests had been admitted.

Mrs Laverty then rushed to the hospital where she said she found her husband.

When he told the attackers he had no money, they took his watch and keys before leaving him in a side street with multiple leg fractures, he claimed.

Mr and Mrs Laverty, who have two sons, claimed they were forced to pay about £3,000 for hospital treatment but are concerned about spiralling costs while their insurers investigate.

Mrs Laverty said support from home is helping them get through the ordeal.

Writing on Facebook she said: ‘This has been the worst experience in my life ever I am truly gutted and devastated as to what has happened and appreciate what everybody has done for me and Mik.

‘I just so can’t wait to be back in the UK and get this horrific ordeal put behind us.’ -Mailonline

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