‘Cameroon football agent’s mate raped me in hotel room’ says Thai teenager

Victim points out the scene of the alleged crime

A Thai woman in Ubon told police she was raped by her Cameroon boyfriend’s friend also from the African country.

She told a story of how her boyfriend went off to buy condoms and his friend, unbeknownst to her at first, took his place in their bed.

Warrants have been issued for two men who claimed to be football transfer agents operating in Isaan,

Ubon Ratchathani police arrived at the hotel in the early hours of the morning on Friday to be greeted by a distraught woman they called ‘Great.’

She is believed to be just a teenager.

She told cops that after a night out in the central area of town she arranged to meet her Cameroonian boyfriend Karoo, 25, who she had known for four months.

They met at a hotel and went to bed together after showering.

But the man got up unexpectedly and said he was going to buy condoms.

Great found this strange but she admitted she was drunk so went back to sleep. The next thing she knew, she told Thai Rath reporters later, was that a man was in her bed.

Believing him to be her boyfriend she caressed him on the face and head in the dark – but soon realized that he was wearing earrings – and her boyfriend did not wear earrings.

The man – who Great said was Karoo’s friend Oreo – then raped her violently before she managed to escape from the room with her clothes and alert police who met her in the lobby of the downtown hotel.

Police searched the room but no one was to be found.

Police have obtained arrest warrants for rape for both the boyfriend and his friend. The suspects appeared to have fled town.

Both are believed to be involved in getting Thai women who like African men to open bank accounts for illegal purposes, said Ubon police.

There was no confirmation they were football agents. Source: Thai Rath/ThaiVisa

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