People are falling for outrageous lie about sharks in Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has left a horrific trail of destruction across the Caribbean and the US Gulf Coast (Image: SyFy)

Several media outlets have had to assure the American public that sharks are not in fact swirling around in Hurricane Irma.

In the US’ latest bout of ‘fake news’, a hoax was shared on social media purporting that the now category 4 force had ‘airlifted’ the predators from waters off Florida.

Remarkably, it appears some Americans believed the story and were worried the Sunshine State might become overrun with sharks.

Obviously, a lot of people referenced the brilliant film Sharknado, which is about a “monstrous storm” full of sharks that wreaks havoc on Los Angeles.

We imagine most people sharing the ‘news’ don’t actually believe that sharks are hiding in Hurricane Irma. But there are a lot of people talking about it.

After Hurricane Irma smashed through the Caribbean as a category 5 storm, flattening entire communities and leaving a trail of destruction, Florida Keys awaited its arrival. It struck on Saturday at around 8am.

Nearly seven million people were ordered to leave their homes in the largest evacuation in US history.

The storm is packing sustained winds of 125mph, and a surge of up to 15ft is expected to inundate neighbourhoods.

Some Americans thought they might shoot at the hurricane – apparently for little other reason than the fact they have guns, and don’t care for the hurricane visiting their shores.

Police in Florida were moved to urge residents not to fire guns at Hurricane Irma. The Sheriff’s Office warned that bullets would not divert the path of the storm and that they could instead lead to further danger.


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