Thai granny shocked to find 13-foot snake in her toilet

A great-grandmother in Thailand called for emergency help when a late-night trip to the bathroom led to the discovery of a 13-foot snake hiding in her toilet.

A video recorded by emergency responders at the Chachoengsao home of Dim Kittikorn, 85, on Aug. 28 shows the massive python lurking behind the toilet inside the home’s bathroom.

Kittikorn told rescuers she found the snake coiled around the toilet when she made a 12:30 a.m. bathroom trip.

”I had just walked from the couch to the bathroom and was still sleepy. I’d just woken up in the night,” Kittikorn said. ”I feel lucky I saw the snake before sitting down on the toilet or it could have grabbed my legs. ‘I screamed for people in the house to wake up. They called for the rescue men to come.”

Emergency responders contacted snake catchers to carry the snake outside and contain it inside a bag.

Officials said the snake would be released back into the wild a safe distance from homes. – UPI

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