Unexploded bomb found in Vietnam

Unexploded bombs are still regularly found in rural parts of Vietnam

Construction workers in the northern province of Thanh Hóa discovered a 1m-long, 30cm-diameter bomb buried in the ground while building an asphalt road in Hàm Rồng Ward on Monday.

The bomb-detection area is near Vinashin-Hoàng Long ship building company.

Lê Văn Quyết, head of Hàm Rồng Ward’s military command, said the bomb showed no signs of damage, therefore it could explode at any time.

“We have reported the case to Thanh Hóa City People’s Committee and the city’s Military Command to find a way to move the bomb to the safe area,” he said.

A 1m-long bomb is found buried in the ground at Hàm Rồng Ward, Thanh Hóa Province. — VNA/VNS Photo

The local authorities have assigned Hàm Rồng Ward’s police and local military force to set up guard teams around the clock and build warning signs at the bomb-detection area to prevent road users and vehicles from approaching the area, ensuring security of locals and their property.

The ongoing construction to upgrade the road to Hàm Rồng Trúc Lâm Monastery was invested by the Hàm Rồng Historical and Cultural Site’s Management Board.

Unexploded ordnance left from the war remains a threat across Việt Nam, especially in the central region. — VNS

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