Pattaya police deny offering bribe after tourist rape

Picture: Sanook

Police in Chonburi have denied that they offered money to a man wrongfully imprisoned over the rape of a Danish woman three years ago.

The man – Banleng – was jailed for the rape but later released when the real perpetrator was found.

He claimed on his release that cops offered him 20,000 not to pursue a case of wrongful arrest.

He said that he turned down the money preferring to work with a lawyer to seek justice in the matter.

Former head of the Huay Yai police Kamphon Leelapraporn said no such “scapegoat” money was offered to Banleng. As soon as the real rapist was discovered he was released immediately.

Banleng was convicted on the testimony of a witness and after CCTV seemed to indicate he was responsible. He had a prior conviction for murder for which he had served time.

Banleng is claiming money for loss of earnings due to the wrongful arrest but the police say him not being able to find a job was more to do with his murder conviction. – Sanook

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