Fake Thai wife scam, more victims come forward

Love Scammer: 13 men now claim Thai woman ran off with their dowry money.

The number of victims in a fake dowries case has risen to 13 with a total of four people set to be arrested.

And the “grooms” have now employed the services of a top human rights advocate.

Lawyer Songkan Atchariyasap yesterday led the 13 men to the crime suppression division to make a case against Jariyaporn Buayai.

She got all the victims to transfer dowries to a bank account ahead of prospective marriages.

Each one parted with between 100,000 and 500,000 baht.

Picture: Sanook

One victim – named only as Wiphon – said that he met Jariyaporn through Facebook. After two months he offered to marry her and go into business together.

Songkan said that Jariyaporn would say that her family had fruit growing businesses all over Thailand and she wanted her “partners” to invest. She spent 1-2 months enticing each one.

The fraud involved presenting two people she said were her parents to prospective marriage partners.

A Mr Bunliang and a Mrs Samrong along with the female owner of the bank account called Soiphet are being charged with fraud along with Jariyaporn. Source: Sanook

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