Can you spot the imperfection in this photograph?

Bondi Bikini Girls enjoying Sydney Beach (Library image)

When YOU see the mistake on this stunning bikini modelling photo you’ll be BAFFLED

A GROUP of girls modelling in bikinis on the beach might not seem too out of the ordinary, but take a closer look, and you may notice something very unusual which has been puzzling the internet.

In the picture, four fresh-faced models wearing white bikinis stand in a line and strike a pose for the camera.

Their make-up, hair and figures appear flawless, and while models may appear to be the ‘perfect’ human being, one of the girls appears to have something very out of the ordinary.

The blonde model, second from the left, doesn’t seem to have the conventional ‘innie’ or ‘outie’ belly button.

In fact, it’s just a small dimple in the middle of her stomach.

Can you spot what's wrong with this bikini girls picture?
IMGUR – Bikini girls snap: One of the girls appears to have no bellybutton

And in stark contrast, all the other girls have obvious ‘innie’ belly buttons.

The picture was uploaded to image sharing site Imgur with the caption ‘A little unsettling…’.

Some Imgur users struggled to spot it.

One said: “Eight hands…eight feet…no red circle…I don’t know what I’m looking for.”

But others were a little more eagle-eyed.

One user said: “Oh I see it no bellybutton on the second girl from the left.”

Another joked: “Not innie, not outie, noughty.”

One person, who recognised the girl, commented: “Fun fact: it was caused by an umbilical hernia when she was a baby and they usually Photoshop one into her pics.”

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