Massive lizard removed from home after attacking dog

Rescue workers were called to a home in Thailand to capture a massive 5-foot monitor lizard that invaded a family’s home and bit their dog.

A video captured Aug. 15 at the home in Chachoengsao shows Chachoengsao Rescue Foundation personnel working from below to extract the monitor lizard after it entered a two-story home, attacked a dog and burrowed between the wooden floorboards.

The rescuers said it took about 30 minutes to capture the large lizard.

”I’m happy the rescue service came and took out the lizard. I would not have slept in the house with it around. It was a big one and very angry,” resident Yo Thong, 72, said.

The rescuers said they released the lizard back into the wild, a safe distance from residential areas. – UPI.Com

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