Crime on the decline, say Thai authorities

Cracking down on crime - or the reporting of crime?

THE NUMBER of crimes in fiscal year 2016 declined across the board, while negative economic condition including unemployment and debt levels next year could lead to a surge of fraud and embezzlement cases or other property offences, said the Royal Thai Police’s Public Affairs Division yesterday.

The division’s report focused on four categories of crimes and projected a trend for next year.

For offences against life, body or related to sexuality, police received 23,012 complaints, a 3,134-case drop from the previous year, and police made arrests in 16,770 cases. The Metropolitan Police saw the most complaints followed by the Provincial Police Region 3.

The most common cases were murders, attempted murders and physical assaults, which stemmed mostly from arguments or were influenced by alcohol.

There were the 67,745 cases related to property – a 9,868-case drop from year-on-year – and police made arrests in 35,044 cases. Metropolitan Police again saw the most such crimes followed by the Provincial Police Region 1.

The report also noted that petty theft and bag-snatching occurred mostly from midday to 6pm while more serious robberies mostly took place from midnight to 6am in public places. Vehicle thefts occurred mostly from 6pm to midnight on motorways or at houses and car parks.

There were 22,621 special crimes cases – a decline of 6,741 cases – and police made arrests in 10,435 cases, the report said. The Provincial Police Region 3 received the most such complaints followed by the Provincial Police Region 5. Most complaints were related to violations of the Forestry Act followed by violations of the Trademark Act.

Crimes in which the state was a damaged party numbered 434,201 cases – a drop of 52,337 cases – while the Provincial Police Region 8 followed by the Provincial Police Region 2 and the Metropolitan Division received the most complaints.

The division urged members of the public to protect their property and, if victimised, to call the police hotline of 191 and 1599.

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