Thailand ranked among the cheapest places to buy a beer

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A new study has ranked Thailand among the cheapest countries in the world to buy a beer.

The study, carried out by UK based FX comparison site Travelex, who produced an International Beer Index for 2017, looked at the average price of half a litre of beer in 32 countries which are popular holiday destinations for British holidaymakers.

The study ranked Thailand in 6th place, where the average price of a beer was found to be Bt60.

The cheapest country to buy a beer was found to be Bulgaria, followed by Czech Republic and Hungary which were in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

The most expensive country to buy a beer was found to be the United Arab Emirates where the average price of a beer will cost you AED 40 – approximately Bt362!

Ten Cheapest Places to Buy a Beer (based on per 0.5 litre draft)

1) Bulgaria/BGN Lev 2.00 (£0.97)

2) Czech Republic/Koruna 30.00 (£1.07)

3) Hungary/Forint 350.00 (£1.09)

4) Mexico/MXN Peso 25.00 (£1.15)

5) Portugal/Euro1.50 (£1.35)

6) Thailand/Baht 60.00 (£1.45)

7) South Africa/Rand 25.00 (£1.55)

8) Poland/Zloty 7.00 (£1.56)

9) Jamaica/JM$ 250.00 (£1.61)

10) Barbados/Bda$ 4.00 (£1.65)

Ten Most Expensive Places to buy a beer (based on per 0.5 litre draft)

1) United Arab Emirates/AED 40.00 (£8.81)

2) Norway/Krone 80.00 (£7.61)

3) Switzerland/CHF 7.00 (£5.81)

4) Sweden/S Krona 60.00 (£5.62)

5) Denmark/Krone 45.00 (£5.50)

6) Finland/Euro 5.80 (£5.23)

7) Republic of Ireland/Euro 5.00 (£4.50)

8) France/Euro 5.00 (£4.50)

9) Australia/AU$ 7.00 (£4.24)

10) Canada/CA$ 6.00 (£3.60)

Another study carried out by Travelex earlier this month also ranked Thailand as the best destination for Brits travelling on a budget, the Daily Telegraph reported.

According to the study, Travelex found that Brits could travel for 44 days in Thailand on just £500, spending around £11.43 per day, approx Bt487.

A day’s spending was judged as three meals, four soft drinks, two beers, a coffee, and two journeys on public transport each day.

Thailand came in at 1st place with 44 days, considerably longer than Mexico in 2nd place, where Brits could stay for 26 days £500.

Top 10 cheapest countries (based on how long £500 would last)

1 Thailand, 44 (days)

2 Mexico, 26

3 Jamaica, 25

4 Bulgaria, 23

5 Czech Republic, 23

6 Hungary, 22

7 Poland, 22

8 Turkey, 22

9 South Africa, 18

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10 Portugal, 17

  • That is absolutely not true.
    Who is waiting such An article

  • I guess they have never been to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines. I can get beer just as cheap in America.

  • are u kidding 555 it’s cheaper in Spain (ie. western europe!)

  • Bullshit

  • Those are “girls” 555

  • Mom and Pop Super market sit out front get pissed all day man I Love Thailand
    Never happen here in the Communist state of Massassachetts in good old USA…..NEVER……

  • One can beer in Cambodia….16 Baht! In Thailand 35 Baht!

  • Bullshit

    • Have you seen that Jason you can live here on Bt487 a day that would not be much fun lol

    • Have you seen that Jason you can live here on Bt487 a day that would not be much fun lol

    • Impossible you will be staying in a real shit hold living up country eating one time a day I would say

  • Daniel Faithfull
    Read that & see if u agree

  • Bangkok and Patong the price for a beer is more expensive than the UK. Entirely due to the poor exchange rate currently available.

  • I remember when beer was 25 baht,, now average 120 baht,,,, not including shops

  • It all depends where you drink in Thailand?
    Nakon nowhere is cheaper than the tourist places.
    Agogo’s and night clubs are obviously more expensive than 7/11 but then try going to one back home and see the price? All depends on what you’re looking for? But beer is relatively cheap in Thailand