Schoolgirl rape suspect arrested in Lampang

A 66-year-old traditional dance teacher who allegedly committed several rapes and molested female students under 15 has been arrested in Lampang’s Soem Ngam district while trying to apply for a job at a rural school.

On Monday, Boonsong Jinapanya was sent to police investigators in Chiang Mai’s San Pa Tong district, where he was wanted for the alleged rape of a pupil.

The arrest of Boonsong was credited to teachers who found a police warning on Thai social media about a music and traditional dance teacher who had raped his students. They alerted police when a man who matched the description applied for a contract-based teaching job.

Boonsong has reportedly served time in jail for a rape of schoolgirl, one more case of taking a minor under 15 from her parents, and seven other cases of molesting pupils in Lamphun province. After he was released in 2014, he allegedly raped a student in San Pa Tong. – The Nation

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