Thais forcing Thais into the Indian sex-trade

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What led to the rescue of 65 women masseuses, including 34 Thailand nationals, from various prostitution dens operating in the guise of massage parlours in Madhapur and Gachibowli, was a tip-off from a woman who was victimised by one of the associates of kingpin Dasari Siddhartha.

The woman had approached Cyberabad police a month ago informing about the illegal activities. She told police that organisers of spas were charging extra money for special services apart from what is listed in the price charts.

“She was deceived on the pretext of marriage by one of the associates of kingpin Dasari Siddartha, who also takes care of a spa owned by the latter. He had promised to marry her but exploited her,” said a senior police officer in Cyberabad commissionerate.

With apprehension of leaks from his subordinates, Cyberabad police commissioner Sandeep Shandilya had personally visited the parlours in question before conducting raids on Sunday, said sources.

Only two other officers had knowledge about the personal enquiry.

“The woman from Thailand, Kake, who was luring women from her country has already left for Thailand,” said the officer adding that the accused will be taken into custody for further investigation in the case.

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