Is she really a police officer?

Is she or is she not?

Pretty female police officer at SEA Games has people questioning if she’s really a police officer

A photo of a female police officer has been making its rounds on social media, sending Malaysian netizens into a frenzy all thanks to her good looks.

While it is unclear if she is aware of the buzz she’s created, one thing’s for sure: She is setting (Twitter) hearts on fire.

Malaysian publication Berita Harian Online first posted her photo along with a few others on Saturday (Aug 19) and it has since garnered over 1,000 likes and almost 2,000 retweets.

Netizens quickly took notice of her appearance and left comments praising her looks.

It’s safe to say they were mostly hilarious.

Many joked about the officer’s actual occupation and suggested she could be a model.

One Twitter user said in Malay: “Just capture me and my heart as well.”

Another added: “She looks cute even while holding a gun.”

Others are quite bent on finding out who she is.

“What a sight! People might follow wherever she goes as part of their SEA Games watch,” replied one user.

He might be right.

A fellow netizen encouraged netizens to keep retweeting until they find the policewoman.

If that’s not chivalry, what is?

Alas, the identity of this woman has yet to be revealed.

But our guess is that she might have more important things on her agenda – such as playing a role in ensuring tight security during the ongoing SEA Games. – AsiaOne

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