Two dead and 16 hurt as two huge blasts flatten house being used by ‘Barcelona terrorists’

The house was completely destroyed.

The terror attack in Barcelona is being linked to two explosions which left one person dead and at least 16 more injured.

The first blast occurred at around 11.15pm on Wednesday night in a housing estate called Montecarlo de Alcanar Platja, in Alcanar, in the province of Tarragona, south of Barcelona.

One person was killed, seven more injured including one seriously, and the house was completely destroyed.

Firefighters said more than 20 butane gas canisters were found among the rubble.

Police said it was possible a second person was dead among the ruins of the house.

They added that they suspect the house was being used to build an explosive device.

A police source said: “The explosion was very violent, and the investigators are still finding human remains.”


The dead man is believed to be of Moroccan origin, according to Spanish news site

Seven other people were reportedly hurt in the blast, including another Moroccan man who was seriously injured.

Firefighters believe the explosion was caused by gas. Twenty butane and propane gas bottles were found at the scene. reported that of the seven wounded, four are French citizens, one is Italian, another Moroccan and the other Spanish.

Police chief Josep Lluis Trapero said it appeared the people in the house were “preparing an explosive device”.

“It seems there was an accumulation of gas that generated the explosion,” he added.


Neighbours had said that two north African brothers had been renting the house.

French holidaymaker Elliane Fernandez was staying in the house next door and said: “I was with some friends at the dinner table when we felt a powerful explosion which broke the windows and caused the lights to go out.

“I called for my husband, who suffered a head injury. He was taken to hospital with a cousin, who was also injured.”

Speaking before the explosion had been linked to the terror attack, Ms Fernandez said she did not know her neighbours.

A second explosion injured nine more people, including six police officers and two firefighters.

The second explosion happened as the emergency services sifted through the rubble of the house.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the atrocity in an announcement made tonight by the Amaq News Agency.

Translated into English, the message read: “The perpetrators of the attack Barcelona are Islamic state soldiers, it was carried out in response to the targeting of coalition countries”. – The Sun

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