‘Sex pest’ official turns himself in to police

This video by a hidden camera exposed senior Ministry of Education official and alleged sexual harasser Asadet Rattanaworaprasert. He has refused to give evidence and is free on bail. (Screen capture from Amarin TV)

A senior male official in the education permanent secretary’s office accused of sexually harassing at least four temporary female staff members turned himself over to police Thursday, according to a police source.

Asadet Rattanaworaprasert, who is reportedly employed at a supervisory level at the state office, reported to Nonthaburi police to acknowledge charges of sexual harassment. He was questioned for two hours but declined to give a statement.

Hidden Cam: Woman blows whistle on Health Ministry molester

The source said the official insisted he would give his account only to the court.

He was later brought to the prosecutor pending a decision to indict him. Mr Asadet was released on 200,000 baht bail.

The official has been accused of harassing his co-workers since 2014, according to Public Health Minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn.

One of the women said the official had threatened to terminate her contract if she did not let him have his way with her.

A video clip circulated online showed a female staff member being hugged and fondled by the official in their office.

Mr Piyasakol said the matter was being probed by a team which was waiting to interview the official today.

If the official does not show up, the probe would be concluded using the information it has gathered so far.

A source at the ministry said the official has contacted the probe team and declared his willingness to cooperate.

But he was reluctant to be interviewed at the ministry fearing he would run into reporters, and asked to meet the probe team elsewhere.

Mr Piyasakol said the women had previously complained to the official’s superior, but nothing was done.

The Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation said it plans to gather at the ministry today to follow up on the probe’s progress. – Bangkok Post

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