Head found in bin, man admits murdering sister

Nicoletta Diotallevi's head & legs were found in rubbish bins (Image: Rex Features)

A man has confessed to murdering his sister after her dismembered body parts were found in bins across Rome, it was reported.

Maurizio Diotallevi, 62, allegedly strangled Nicoletta Diotallevi, 59, before butchering her and attempting to hide the body.

The suspect is believed to have confessed to the killing while being interviewed by a magistrate at police headquarters on Wednesday, a statement said.

The victim and her brother shared an apartment in Rome’s Flaminio neighbourhood.

Nicoletta’s legs were found wrapped together with tape in a rubbish bin the nearby Parioli neighbourhood on Tuesday night.

A young woman made the grisly discovery as she was rummaging through the bins and immediately alerted police, Italian media said.

Nicoletta’s head and remaining body parts were found in another trash can on another street, police said.

Officers did not say how the victim was killed but some media outlets reported that she had been strangled.

Maurizio Diotallevi reported his sister missing on Monday, ANSA reported.

He was arrested on Wednesday after CCTV footage showed him “heaving a heavy object into the bin” overnight between Monday and Tuesday, a police statement said.

Diotallevi remains in custody awaiting sentence.

The motive for the murder is unknown but police said “the crime apparently happened for family reasons.” – AP

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