Viral Video: Clueless Thai tourists confront Yellowstone Park Rangers

Group of Thai tourists to Yellowstone National Park in America cluelessly damage thermal features then harass park employee who tries to stop them.

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  • The video was not taken by a park ranger but by another clueless tourist who follows signs and wonders. If there was any real danger the area would have been blocked off. The headline here says they caused damage. Your reporting does not go on to say what kind of damage. All we have is tourists taking video of other tourist.

  • Are you joking? “If there was an real danger…”??!?
    It’s a thermal pool!!
    There is a sign!!

  • Ronald Josiah I’m still wondering what damage they caused…
    Bangkok Jack he wasn’t a park ranger.
    And who was the white guy that also didn’t heed the sign?
    There’s over 10,000 of these Thermals in Yellowstone, thank God these bad asian people didn’t destroy the other 9,999.
    1,000s of americans don’t heed those signs at yellowstone everyday.
    So in conclusion, your story is a big nothing burger. Or should I say a big nothing Som Tom

  • The guy filming seemed to blow it out of proportion, what harm were they doing

  • Stupid can travel by the looks of it !!

  • Thai tourists just as bad as chinese

  • And they say the Chinese disrespect many things in Thailand . Shoe is on the other foot now