Helmet Cam: Young girl narrowly avoids disaster

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A young girl narrowly escaped getting hit by an oncoming motorcycle after running across a road.

A video of the incident was posted on Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road’s Facebook page.

In the video, the young girl can be seen crossing the road with who appears to be her grandmother and another sibling.

However, while her grandmother and sibling stopped at a divider, the girl continued to run right into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

Fortunately, the motorcyclist was quick to sound his horn and avoid hitting the girl.

The girl ran back to her grandmother, visibly shaken by the close encounter.

Netizens who watched the video echoed the importance of taking care of young children when crossing the road and urged others to use pedestrian or zebra crossings and not to jaywalk.

Watch the video below.

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