Pattaya rampage: Drunk given time to call his mum

Image: Sanook

The son of a beer bar owner was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning after trouble in front of a central Pattaya hotel.

A motorcycle taxi guy called Weerasak, 36, said he saw Pheeraphan, 28, arguing with his girlfriend in a car at an intersection around 5am.

She got out and the fight continued – this time it got physical. They were arguing over a million baht that Pheeraphan said his girlfriend owed to him.

Several people tried to intervene and two men were assaulted by Pheeraphan who then drove his Honda Civic into six motorbikes and a BMW.

Police managed to arrest him after he was chased and detained by bystanders.

He was charged with assault and drunk and disorderly behavior.

As far as the damage was concerned, Sanook reported that would be dealt with when he had sobered up and had time to call his mum.

He was not charged with drinking and driving, according to the report.

Sanook said that the arrested man is the son of a businessman who owns beer bars in Soi 8, central Pattaya. Source: Sanook

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