Former student arrested for raping kindergarten girl in Thailand

Anusorn Chaicharoen, 20, was arrested at his house at 7.30pm on Thursday.
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Police have arrested an alumnus of a school in Nong Khai’s Mueang district for allegedly luring a five-year-old kindergarten girl from the school and raping her.

Anusorn Chaicharoen, 20, was arrested at his house at 7.30pm on Thursday.

He allegedly rode his motorcycle into the school in Mueang district at noon and took the girl and raped her at a deserted house.

The girl was later found standing and crying on the road outside the school. She was admitted to Nong Khai Hospital.

Police checked the school’s CCTV footage and the crime database and found that Anusorn had recently been released from jail and he looked similar to the man on the footage.

He initially denied the charge.

Police took him to re-enact the events leading up to the crime at 11.30 pm.

Although the school’s front gate is usually closed, it was left open on Thursday because a group of people visited the school to provide lunch to students. – The Nation/Asia News Network

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  • Sirilak Nami Palasit

  • Dead Men Don’t Rape children anymore.!!! You can’t cure a child Rapist.!! But you can stop him from never having another chance to do it again.!!

  • hang this scumbag high and slow

  • Woah wait i thought the only paedophilies in Thailand were farangs