Video: Pattaya’s Keystone Cops in fitness drive

Picture: TNews

Pattaya’s station chief Apichai Krobpetch is taking a leaf out of the prime minister’s book and encouraging his men to get fit.

Every Wednesday he is leading his valiant men in dance for fitness and stress reduction.

Yesterday they were doing the first of their routines along the lines of a Zumba workout, said Tnews who posted a video of the event.

Some of the hip gyrations were a tad interesting but there were plenty of smiles.

Though it is unlikely that twerking dancer Lamyai has anything more to worry about.

Apichai said: “Being fit is an important part of being a cop. It will help with the efficiency of the men under my command and raise the quality of their lives”.

Should you wish to see the spectacle it will be a regular feature at 4.30pm each Wednesday in the car park out front of Pattaya police station on Beach Road.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has encouraged his civil servants to get fit with weekly sessions at government house. Source: TNews & ThaiVisa

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