Christian convert denied asylum in Sweden now faces jail

Aideen Strandsson faces jail if she is deported back to Iran

Iranian actress who converted to Christianity now faces prison after asylum bid rejected by Sweden

Aideen Strandsson will likely be thrown in jail – where ‘torture and rape is common’ – if she returns to Iran as a punishment for leaving the religion of Islam

An actress who converted from Islam to Christianity before moving to Sweden may be deported after being told: “It’s your problem you became a Christian.”

Iranian Aideen Strandsson faces prison if she returns to Iran because she was once a Muslim.

But Sweden’s migration board has rejected her claim for asylum despite giving protected identities to 150 former ISIS fighters so they can find jobs.

Lawyer Gabriel Donner said: “Torture and rape is common in Iranian prisons.”

Aideen, 37, added: “Immigration said to me, ‘It’s not our problem if you decided to become a Christian’.”

Deporting asylum seekers to countries where they face danger is a violation of the Geneva convention on refugees.

Rape and torture is common in Iranian prisons

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