Gallery: Dengue fever crisis in Hanoi

A woman with dengue fever lies in the corridor at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi. The hospital is receiving around 1,000 new patients with symptoms of dengue fever every day, five times more than at the beginning of the season.
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Dengue outbreak reaches crisis point with patients wedging into Hanoi hospitals

The hallways at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases have been turned into wards to cope with 1,000 new cases every day.


All the wards at the hospital are full.


The hospital has moved 20 more beds into the hallway to examine patients and administer intravenous drips.

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Many patients have to share beds.


And some are squeezed together in the corridor.


Or use fold-up beds.


Vietnam has reported more than 71,000 cases of dengue fever this year and 19 deaths, making it the worst outbreak in recent years.


Many hospitals in Hanoi are overloaded.


The crowded reception area at Dong Da Hospital in the capital. A source from the hospital said it is examining around 500 patients every day, and admitting around 100 of them.

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