Video: Haunted bridge at Thai airport goes viral

Thailand: Video of ‘phantom’ passengers on aero bridge spook netizens

FOOTAGE of an apparently “haunted” aero bridge at an international airport in Thailand has sent shivers down the spine of many netizens, gaining millions of views in less than a day of being posted on social media.

The 31-second amateur video clip posted on Facebook shows an initially empty aero bridge which was soon occupied by “phantom” passengers trodding along in the direction of the arrival hall.

The motion of the disembarking passengers, though seemingly fast-forwarded in the footage, appears to be a common sight at aero bridges – except no aircraft was docked.

According to Malaysian viral news site Siakap Keli, a Facebook user by the name of Richard Ker, who posted the short clip on his account on Monday, said the footage was taken several days before it was uploaded.

An aircraft engineer contacted by Siakap Keli said he could not confirm the authenticity of the footage, but said passengers only used the platform when disembarking from a plane.

At the time of writing, the video had gained over 5.3 million views and was shared 5,000 times on Facebook. -Asian Correspondent

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