Thai students in California crash believed to be dead

The red car driven by the two Thai women can barely be seen near the bottom left of this photo taken from the top of the 150-metre cliff from where it apparently plunged. (Photos FB/SiamTownUS)

The bodies of two Thais are believed to be caught in a vehicle which plunged off a cliff at Kings Canyon National Park in California, United States.

A news website showed the smashed up rental car submerged in the river at the foot of the cliff.

According to Siam Town US, a Thai online newspaper in Los Angeles, body parts that could belong to one of the two Thais were spotted in the car. The footage was recorded when its news team filmed a video clip at the scene on Friday.

“We believe that at least one of them is inside the car,” Siam Town US posted on its Facebook page.

Thiwadee Saengsuriyarit: University of South Florida student, was touring a national park in California with a friend, identified only as Golf.

Last week, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Busadee Santipitaks said the Thai consulate in Los Angeles was working with local authorities to find Thiwadee Saengsuriyarit and her friend, identified only as Golf.

Their vehicle was found on Wednesday submerged in the river at the foot of a 150-metre-high cliff by California State Route 180.

“The water is very fast-running and the geography is inaccessible, so authorities have not been able to investigate the area where the vehicle fell,” Ms Busadee said.

It is believed their vehicle plunged off the cliff as the two were on their way to Kings Canyon National Park, she said.

Ms Busadee said Ms Thiwadee and Golf had failed to check into their booked hotel accommodation on Tuesday morning.

Ms Thiwadee is a master’s student in environmental studies at the University of South Florida.

The Thai consulate in Los Angeles also reported that the parents of Ms Thiwadee had arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday and were taken to the accident scene by the Thai consulate-general.

“The parents have met police officers in Reedley, a city in Fresno County,” Ms Busadee said.

“They will stay in Reedley until a search team can retrieve the bodies of both students.”

Below: The car with Ms Thiwadee and Golf apparently missed the curve and broke through the barrier on California’s scenic State Route 180.

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