Aussie ex-pat found dead in Hua Hin

Aussie falls down the stairs to his death in Hua Hin

Hua Hin police said that a 75 year old Australian likely tripped and fell down the stairs to his death at his townhouse in the city.

Maid Sunee Duangkaew, 69, said she found her boss James Ian Lawrie when she came to do the cleaning yesterday.

He was lying at the foot of the stairs with a wound to his head. Police said there was no sign of a struggle and there was no evidence of theft.

Mr Lawrie lived alone she said and had been in Thailand many decades.

He was working as an agent selling land.

Police believe he stumbled and fell down the stairs hitting his head on the floor. He had been dead about three days when he was found.

The body was sent to the police hospital for autopsy. – ThaiRath

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