Three shot dead, one wounded in family feud

Police and forensic officers inspect the fatal shooting scene on a road leading to an oil palm plantation in Chai Buri district of Surat Thani on Saturday. (Photo by Supapong Chaolan)

Three men were shot dead and one seriously wounded in a clan feud at an oil palm plantation in Chai Buri district on Saturday.

The fatal shooting occurred on a road leading to the plantation in tambon Khlong Noi, said Pol Capt Sayant Nutchim, a deputy investigation chief at Chai Buri police station, who received the report at 12.30pm.

The bodies of three men were found in a pool of blood, and another man who had sustained gunshot wounds was also there when police arrived at the scene.

The three dead men were identified as Somyot Nambud, 51; his son Atchariya, 30; and Somyot’s nephew Sant Nambud, 25. The wounded man was Issarapong, 28, another son of Somyot.

Somyot was shot in the head and body while Atchariya sustained gunshot wounds to his stomach and chest. Sant was shot in the body. Issarapong was shot in the mouth and legs and rushed to Surat Thani Hospital.

Before the shootings, Atchariya and his younger brother Issarapong were travelling on a motorcycle to their oil palm plantation. To reach it, the brothers had to take the road running through a plantation owned by Mr Sant, their cousin. But Mr Sant had closed the gate to his land. A quarrel then erupted before the brothers phoned their father and asked him to come to the area.

Somyot, whose house was nearby, arrived quickly. The quarrel turned violent after Atchariya pulled out a .357 handgun to fire shots at Sant, who fired back with an 11mm pistol. Bullets hit Atchariya and Somyot, who died on the spot. Issarapong was also wounded. Sant fled into his plantation, but died just 30 metres away.

Pol Maj Gen Apichart Boonsrirot, chief of the Surat Thani police, said the victims were cousins but the two families had a conflict over land. They had earlier filed complaints with the Chai Buri police before the violence occurred. – Bangkok Post

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