Thai children routinely humiliated by teachers

A female teacher was seen placing a pair of shoes on a boy's head and forcing the boy to kowtow before his footwear five times when they dropped. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/DOKTERKV3

Facebook users reacted angrily after seeing a video clip of a teacher in Ubon Ratchathani placing shoes on a student’s head and forcing him to kowtow to his footwear as a punishment.

The clip was posted on the DR.K.v3 Facebook page on Friday (Aug 4). Within 12 hours, the post got more than 330,000 views and was shared over 7,800 times. The post appeared to have been removed later.

A female teacher was seen placing a pair of shoes on a boy’s head. When the shoes dropped, she stomped angrily on them and forced the boy to kowtow before his footwear five times.

She then placed the shoes on the boy’s back and forced him to crawl into his classroom.

The punishment was witnessed by some 50 classmates.

The boy, a 13-year-old seventh grader at Thung Therng Ying Wattana School in the Dej Udom district of Ubon Ratchathani province, told The Nation that the incident happened at 11am on Friday when he was walking from one classroom to another. He forgot the school rule and went to a classroom upstairs wearing his shoes.

One of the school rules bars a student from wearing footwear when moving to the upper storey. Students are expected to carry their shoes and leave them outside the classroom.

The teacher noticed him breaking the rule and decided to punish him.

Many Facebook users commented angrily that the teacher should not have inflicted such a humiliating punishment on the student. Some suggested that it would have been better if she had caned him instead of humiliating him in this manner.

While he said he did not feel humiliated by the teacher, he thought the teacher could have punished him in a different way. He also said he did not know who shot the video clip.

His sister, who did not want to be named, said that the family had filed a complaint at the Dej Udom Police Station against the teacher. The family has also raised the issue with the teacher’s superior.

Dej Udom police chief Pol Col Pattarapol Phothi-ah said police are gathering evidence after which the teacher would be summoned for questioning. – ANN

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