Nearly 8,000 killed in road accidents this year in Thailand

Road traffic accidents are claiming around 50 lives a day in Thailand

As many as 7,925 people have been killed in road accidents throughout the country from Jan 1 to Aug 5 this year, according to unofficial figures compiled by the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation, which campaigns against drink-driving.

Dr Thaejing Siripanich, secretary-general of the foundation, told Daily News online that according to unofficial reports from members of the foundation’s network nationwide, the road-death toll was 947 in January; 850 in February; 1,281 in March; 1,382 in April; 1,124 in May and 1,128 in June.

The six-month death toll was 6,712, compared to 5,308 in the first half of 2016.

In July, 1,021 people died from road accidents. During the first five days of August, the death toll was 192 – including 26 fatalities on Saturday.

So far this year – from Jan 1 to Aug 5 – the accumulated death toll was 7,925. – Bangkok Post

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