BMW owner says staff at the car wash sold her car

The next day it still hadn't been returned and after several excuses and three days later she went to police to report it missing.

A bizarre story is doing the rounds of Thai social media after the owner of a Z4 BMW said the people at the car cleaners sold it.

A woman called Thippaporn appealed to the Social Hunter page to find her expensive motor, license number 4 กณ (Kor Nor) 1414.

She said she took it in to the usual car wash place in Klong 4. They sometimes delivered the car to her house after washing.

On this occasion, however, there was a woman on duty who offered her a deal. The shop would do a special job with all the bells and whistles because they wanted to use pictures of the fancy car to promote the shop.

Thippaporn agreed but it was the last she heard of her car.

The next day it still hadn’t been returned and after several excuses and three days later she went to police to report it missing.

She claimed that the police went to the shop and were told that the vehicle had been sold. And they had the money.

Thippaporn was incredulous and now she has appealed that if anyone sees her car they can call her on 089 4480 289.

She really wants it back.

Tnews reported the story without giving any concrete explanation as to what has really happened and how a car wash could possibly sell a customer’s vehicle. Source: TNews

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