Teacher accused of hurting 25 students

A school boy rests on his bed as he is admitted for condition monitoring after being caned in the back of his neck, at Bang Pahan Hospital in Ayutthaya on Thursday. (Photos by Sunthon Pongpao)

Parents have accused a teacher of injuring 25 Mathayom 1 students, including three with serious conditions, by caning them with a one-metre rattan stick.

The parents filed the complaint with Pol Lt Col Sawong Phannawai, an interrogator at the Bang Pahan police station, on Thursday.

Theerasin Thanachawaroj, 43, said the teacher heavily caned all her 25 grade-seven students on the back of their necks after their morning assembly on Wednesday.

According to him, she was furious because she felt the students were not picking up and wearing their scout hats fast enough.

The caning was based on anger and authority abuse. Many students felt dizzy, vomited and had high temperatures. Three had to be admitted at Bang Pahan Hospital as doctors needed to monitor their conditions, Mr Theerasin said.

Police said they would contact the teacher and the director of the school for interrogation and talks. But the parents said they would not settle and would push for both criminal and disciplinary actions against the teacher. – Bangkok Post

Parents file their complaint at the Bang Pahan police station.

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