Video: The end of the popular ‘beer promo’ girls in Thailand?

Janjira “Pangpond” Jangsaka (left and center) was charged for inviting people to drink alcohol at her bar in a Facebook Live video.

Three young Thai models have been arrested for breaking the country’s strict alcohol laws.

Saraburi police detained the three after alleging they had been engaged in the ‘promotion of alcohol by inviting people to have a drink.’

All three are employed as promotion girls for beer companies and are among thousands employed in this industry across the country.

The crime appears to be that one of the girls wrote on a Facebook page: “There’s a beer promotion on. Buy one get one free. But be sure to be there before 9pm”.

That was enough to have them arrested and spend time in the slammer answering questions.

The allegations centered around a video which opened with Janjira ‘Pangpond’ Jangsaka, 23, greeting her Facebook followers, before Nantarika ‘Fahsai’ Puekkleng, and Nantida ‘Alice’ Punyamanoch join her on camera.

Janjira then tells viewers about the ‘buy one beer, get one free’ promotion at the establishment ‘Bar-cony Bar & Eatery.’

Thai police are also unhappy that the three appeared in photographs and were ‘inappropriately dressed.’

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They have been charged under the 2008 law forbidding inviting people to drink alcohol.

-BangkokJack News Team

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