Italian man found dead in Patong hotel room

Rescue workers and police arrive at the hotel room yesterday (Aug 1). Photo: Patong Police

Police are investigating what appears to be a suicide of an Italian tourist in his hotel room in Patong yesterday (Aug 1).

The body of Salvatore Casolino, 59, was found by a hotel maid on Tuesday night when she went to clean the room at the hotel on Phra Metta road in Tambon Patong in Phuket’s Krathu district.

Police said the man checked into the hotel on April 6 and did not give a check-out schedule.

The hotel maid knocked on the room door to get permission for the daily cleaning, police said. She opened the door with a spare key when she did not get a response and found the body.

Police said there was no trace of a disturbance in the room and his belongings were intact.

Although the death appears to be a suicide, police police said they were continuing their investigation.

The Italian consulate in Phuket has been notified of the man’s death.

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