Double-check your deposits at Kasikorn

Cash going missing at Kasikorn

A long time customer is furious with Kasikorn bank after depositing cash at an ATM that did not go into his account.

The bank have said he made the deposit after midnight so it didn’t enter his account.

Kamol Chairojratana was mulling over whether to report the matter to police.

Kamol – otherwise known as “Hia Khee” – said he went to deposit 15,000 in cash at the ATM at 12.19 am. But after he checked using his ATM card he found that the money he had given the bank was not in his account.

He said he immediately phoned the call center who told him that he would need to wait until 2am the next day, he claimed.

“I told them I need to use that money to pay a check. They just said ‘that is our system, you’ll just have to wait and find some other money to pay the check’.

“So in the morning I went to the branch to speak with them directly. They called the call center who gave them the same information.

“I have been with this bank for decades. It’s disgraceful and I might have to report it to the police,” he told Daily News Online.

“It has cost me. The money is not in my account. The check will bounce”, he added.

Daily News contacted the ATM division of Kasikorn who confirmed the story saying that funds should be deposited from 5am to midnight otherwise they would not necessarily be entered into the system. Source: Daily News & ThaiVisa

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