Breast-groping Facebook festival post gets Vietnamese man fined

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A man from Vietnam’s central city of Da Nang has been fined for spreading a rumor on Facebook about a festival where people could pay to grope women’s breasts in public to raise funds for charity.

He said it would cost just $2 to grab a feel of women aged 16 to 22.

Nguyen Kim Anh, 30, was fined VND5 million ($220) for spreading false information, a police officer said.

The status said that the two-week festival at a local park would give visitors the chance to grope women aged from 16 to 22 for just VND50,000 (less than $2), and that all the money would go to charity.

The post was quickly picked up on by police.

Anh, an online salesman, said he concocted the story to get more hits on his page.

He has since removed the post.

Da Nang police also fined a woman VND12.5 million in June for spreading false information about child kidnappings online. A woman in Hanoi is also facing a fine of VND10-20 million for a false Facebook post about a car crash at Noi Bai Airport, one she said posted to attract followers to her site. – VNExpress

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