Ladyboy stabs Russian in Phuket

Thai Ladyboy argues with Pattaya tourist police - Library image

Police are searching for a ladyboy (transsexual) who is suspected of stabbing her Russian boyfriend in Phuket early yesterday morning.

Gennadii Khlopotov, 31, works for a company based in Koh Kaew and lives in Rassada.

So far, police know that he previously used to live with his Russian girlfriend in an apartment in Rassada, but then ended relations with her when he started seeing the yet unidentified ladyboy.

Mr Khlopotov is undergoing treatment at Mission Hospital, Photo: Kritsada Mueanhawong

“CCTV footage shows that the suspect ran out of Mr Khlopotov’s room at 4:40am. They had also been heard quarreling the same day,” said Col Sakol Krainara of Phuket City Police.

Police believe Mr Khlopotov was stabbed with a pair of scissors found in the room with with blood on them.

He is undergoing treatment at Mission Hospital, but not fit to give a statement. – Phuket Gazette

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