Video: Asian woman freaks out when chair starts moving

The woman was freaked out when a chair moved by itself in the background of the video

HAUNTING footage appears to capture a poltergeist at work in a woman’s house. But not everyone is convinced by the supernatural goings on.

The video sees a young Asian woman recording herself in a living room.

As the clip continues a white rocking chair in the background appears to move slightly.

The woman catch the movement in the corner of her eye and gets up to investigate.

As she comes closer, the chair begins to move even more, leaving her terrified.

She bolts out of the door before the clip ends.

It’s not clear where or when it was shot but it was uploaded to video sharing site Liveleak today, where viewers were skeptical over the footage.

“The ghost of string,” wrote one.

Another added: “I knew it was fake when she walked towards it making sure not to block the camera.”

“Well, I’m convinced,” commented a third sarcastically.

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