Thai actress Patt’s final report to Criminal Court

Actress Napapha “Patt” Trantakul, escorted by her lawyer, reported to the Criminal Court yesterday (July 26) for the last time in a case she was charged with money laundering and for conspiring with her husband “Benz Racing” on money laundering.

Her lawyer Arkom Kongsawat said his client reported to the court for the seventh and last time under her conditional bail release before the prosecutor decided whether to go ahead with the prosecution on August 7, when the bail expires.

If the state prosecutor decides to pursue the case in the court on August 7, then Patt would become defendant, he said, adding that his client has prepared assets for bail if she is prosecuted.

If no prosecution is executed, then she would be freed, Mr Arkom said.

Patt said before reporting to the court that she couldn’t comments anything until the state prosecutor decide whether to pursue her case in the court on August 7.

She said she and her husband Akarakit Wirarojcharoendet, also known as”Benz Racing”, used different team of lawyers, and therefore could not give comments on the case.

She said what she talked to her detained husband was only about their child.

The police have charged Patt with money laundering and money laundering conspiracy, allegedly for 30 million baht unaccounted for in her bank accounts after her husband faced the same charges in connection with a Lao drug cartel. – ThaiPBS

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