Pattaya is a joke: Old ladies busted playing cards

The old ladies who were busted are all wives of foreign ex-pats in the city ensuring the fines can be heavy

The once thriving Thai beach resort of Pattaya embarrassed itself again after city cops ignored the rampant drugs crime, theft and muggings of foreign tourists, along its emptying streets, and directed their heavy resources to raiding a group of old ladies enjoying a quiet game of cards instead.

This time the gambling miscreants were the wives of foreigners who had set up a gambling den in a house in Choke Chai Village, Bang Lamung.

Bang Lamung district chief Naris Niramaiwong had got wind of it and ordered his minions and a soldier or two to carry out a lightning raid to catch the gamblers.

A video showed the raiding party arrive and catch four middle aged women in the act of playing the Thai card game “Dummy”. The money had been hurriedly removed from the table but the officers soon had it back in place.

Charged with gambling were Phailin Nilsa, 60, Kanokkorn Kornkanok, 56, Wichuda Yaowasri, 47, and EWng-kiaw Sae-jeu, 56.

Three others who were drinking on an adjoining table were let go as there was no evidence they were gambling.

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Police took 6,580 baht into evidence along with several packs of cards.

The cops said most of those present were the wives of foreigners, meaning heavy cash fines can be imposed.

The atmosphere seemed quite light-hearted despite the law breaking, reported Siamchon News after the Friday night raid.

But mystery had surrounded the whereabouts of the owner of the house. That mystery was soon solved, however, when a key was obtained and 52 year old Em-orn Siriphong was found cowering in the toilets.

She was also charged, it is believed. Source: Siamchon News

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  • How did they know?
    Someone in the room maybe

  • Come on. Why make the police force look bad with this kind of raid.

  • Another family friendly activity in Pattaya

  • Makes more sense than fining people for taking selfies with alchohol in view

  • Paul Gianfriddo

  • Hang them high.

  • As ridiculous as it all is they were breaking the law and they know it. What these card schools don’t seem to understand is that more often than not they are ratted out by their own kind – someone close by who gets envious seeing all this cash or by someone who having lost money, decides to cut losses, leave the game go home and make a simple call to plod!

  • Maybe someone wasn’t getting their cut.

  • Crime of the century!

  • Assault’s, murders and street violence is out of control along with drugs, but old ladies playing cards is a priority hey.?? Fucking Idiots.!!

  • Phil

    Good job they did not take selfies of themselves drinking or that would be another 50,000 baht fine.

  • thats the law illegal to play card

  • Just like the not having 20k on entry, not having your original Passport on you at all times, not wearing helmets on motorbikes, and engaging in acts of prostitution. All illegal, right? Just another day in Paradise, I guess!

  • Sad..

  • It’s illegal to gamble but ok for the government to run a state lottery making them billions per year..go figure!

  • Sirry plicks…..

  • Wives of foreigners so heavy fines wtf they are thai citizens

  • About time they thought about changing the laws on gambling and think of the revenue it can provide to combat other more important crimes

  • good work 5555

  • If they put a quarter of the effort they do for this dumb shit into road safety they might start gaining some respect and hey, you never know, save a life or two.

  • Pattaya. Where old whites go to perv.

  • And they call themself police… incredible