Pattaya Beach Resort surrounded by filth

Pattaya: The sea is black and the beach filthy with rubbish

Just when some people were thinking that the image of Pattaya as a beach holiday could not get any worse, influential Thai media Thai Rath came to town.

And they went to town in their article slamming the resort as filthy after several days of rains caused the sea once again to be black and a one kilometer stretch of coast strewn with all manner of litter and refuse.

Thai Rath said that measures to install cloth netting to prevent coastal trash from entering the sea had proved useless.

Attempts by the local authority to clean up were largely a waste of time.

And amid all the stinks and smells a pumping station was still not repaired properly.

Reporters said that a one kilometer stretch in South Pattaya around the Royal Garden department store was affected.

But their assessment that this is bad for the image of Pattaya will be met with derision by long suffering residents.

And news of the filthy state of the beach is hardly likely to inspire the new wave of tourists that the government is trying to encourage to visit the resort.

Thai Rath said that the situation in Pattaya was in reality worse than ever. Source: Thai Rath

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