Come to Pattaya and die

Dangerous lumps of metal fly off buildings in Pattaya every day

Come to South Pattaya and die – Thai media warn tourists as metal sheets and iron rains down on the street.

Tnews said that not just injury awaits tourists in Pattaya – they could die.

The situation at a building site in Soi VC was worse than ever yesterday as more lumps of corrugated iron and iron bars fell off a building being torn down in the area.

Picture: TNews

And if anyone was in any doubt about the danger a video showed great lumps of metal swaying precariously in the storm winds on Monday just waiting to fall off and injure people.

Picture: TNews

The story had already hit the news last week but Pattaya News featured a video posted by Wikrit Yapyang who called on the contractors to do something as more stuff fell into the soi.

Tnews reporters went to investigate and said the situation was perilous. If something fell on a tourist they might not just be injured – they could easily die in such an accident. Source: TNews

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