Baby killed as blanket tangles in bike wheel

Parents of a three-month-old daughter sit grief-stricken after their infant daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident in Prachin Buri. Photo by Manit Sanubboon

The three-month-old daughter of teenage parents was killed when she was pulled to the road after her clothing got caught in their motorcycle’s rear wheel.

The 16-year-old mother and her 19-year-old husband stood shocked when police reached the scene of the accident late Sunday night on Wang Takhian-Wang Thachang road in Kabin Buri district.

The baby succumbed to a severe wound on her forehead, believed to have resulted from impact with the road, Wang Takhian Pol Capt Mani Saengchayapha said.

According to an investigation, the mother, riding pillion on a trip from Sa Kaew, was not aware that a piece of clothing wrapped around her daughter had come loose. It caught in the motorcyle’s rear wheel, and the baby was pulled to the road.

It was too late to help the little girl when she was pulled from her mother’s embrace. – Bangkok Post

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